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Medical Insurance Filing Services, Inc. is a full service, off-site billing company.

Our office is staffed by 48 very highly trained employees that are versed in every aspect of the billing process. Just about everyone on staff is crossed trained in every area of MIFS daily work flow. We are a full service off site billing company that strives to insure accuracy in every aspect of what we do.

Many services simply provide data entry services but MIFS provides much more. We take each and every claim and make sure that it is followed through the billing cycle and paid. Claims are checked for accuracy by our charge entry area and if necessary our certified coders make recommendations to the offices or protocol for changes to those charges are made. All claims are followed-up on within 30 days of the initial filing date to ensure that they have been paid or worked. Aged trial balances are run every four weeks and our Patient Account Reps work each patients account on these lists. Statements to our clients patients are also mailed out on a monthly basis to ensure that balances on accounts are paid in a timely fashion.

Finally, we strive to make sure that we help in every area of the billing process and guide our offices in the right direction. The success of our clients is our main concern and MIFS staff makes that happen day in and day out.